Standardised Portfolio Layout – City & Guilds Awards.

Inside front cover
 A front sheet with following details : Title of qualification ; course code; your name; tel no: e mail: registration number; lecturer/assessor; IQA
 Summary of Achievement forms ( C&G Form 11b)

Section 1

 Candidate CV /Personal Profile
 Job description – Proof of placement
 Plagiarism statement
 WFALS Appeals Procedures
 Candidate & Centre details (C&G Form 1)
 Witness Status List( C&G Form 4), must be completed by anyone providing a Witness Testimony ( they need to be level 3 qualified or above)
Section 2
 Unit Assessment and Verification Declaration ( Form 10 ) in front of each unit filled in , but not signed until unit is completed.
 Evidence location sheet ( C&G Form 9B )
 Standards for each Unit

Section 3
 Candidate Assessment Records ( C&G Form 5 )
for planning/reviewing /feedback/judgement of evidence and Units by Tutor/Assessor.

Section 4
 All Evidence – This can be in any order as will matched on evidence location sheet.
Pages numbered top right hand corner.
All evidence to be signed and dated by candidate and Tutor/Assessor as it is complete/checked.
Evidence Descriptor for any confidential evidence ( i.e. work products )
Performance Evidence Records for Assessment Observations/ Reflective Accounts/Witness Testimonies ( C&G Form 6)

Please put your Full Name and Award on the spine of your file.